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Twisted Tree

Twisted Tree x Culture Shrooms AlpacaSoil - Pasteurized Substrate - W/MycoBoost!

Twisted Tree x Culture Shrooms AlpacaSoil - Pasteurized Substrate - W/MycoBoost!

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Twisted Tree x Culture Shrooms - AlpacaSoil

Twisted Tree Nursery Substrate has industry-leading colonization times, an earthy scent & is perfectly pasteurized and hydrated to field capacity, and, is ready to use right out of the bag! Your mushrooms will love the tortoise dung additive in their easy-to-use light fluffy soil! Substrate also includes Culture Shrooms MycoBoost Formula for maximum potency! 

Ingredients: Coir, Vermiculite, Gypsum, Craft Coffee, Local Organic Earthworm Castings, Alpaca Manure, MycoBoost

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AlpacaSoil follows our classic DinoSoil blend including all your favorite ingredients, coir/vermiculite/gypsum recipe twisted with the benefits of coffee, local organic earthworm castings, Alpaca Manure and MycoBoost creating a reliable and unique mushroom growing medium suited for a wide range of species. Not only are Alpacas incredible animals they also happen to have the highest NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium) rating out of any manure! If this isn't enough to get you hooked we added MycoBoost which is a Micro/Macro nutrient mix for mushrooms! Allowing for the fastest colonization on the market, and beautiful, consistent Mycelium growth. Our product is small batch, hand crafted, American-made substrate.

AlpacaSoil comes in 4 mil poly bags with a double seal. Our soil's purpose is to be mixed with your colonized mushroom growing medium in a monotub & our fruiting bag option is made to grow your mushrooms right out of the bag!

*You do not inoculate the soil directly with spores* If you have any questions about the tek you are using please contact us before purchasing.

Not only do Mushrooms benefit from the use of AlpacaSoil, but we have also gotten rave reviews from many gourmet mushroom growers, house plants, and outdoor plant owners who love to spoil their plant babies!

When you purchase AlpacaSoil a portion of all our proceeds go to Twisted Tree Tortoise Rescue! 

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