How I stopped drinking alcohol with psilocybin mushrooms.

Andrew had always been a hardworking and ambitious individual. He founded, a website dedicated to educating people about the benefits of magic mushrooms. However, in 2020, Andrew's world came crashing down. He lost his father and the pandemic forced him to work from home, leaving him feeling bored and isolated.

In an attempt to cope with his grief and boredom, Andrew turned to alcohol. Before he knew it, he had become an alcoholic. He knew he needed to make a change and decided to give microdosing psilocybin a try. To his surprise, it was a life-changing experience. He felt more connected to himself and the world around him. He never wanted to drink again.

Andrew began exploring different types of mushrooms, including lion's mane and cordyceps. He found that they had immense benefits for mental and physical health. He also had a life-changing experience with DMT.

This inspired Andrew to start, a website dedicated to breaking the stigma around magic mushrooms. He wanted to share his experiences with others and educate them about the potential benefits of psychedelics.

As he continued to educate himself about mushrooms, Andrew became a leading advocate for psychedelic decriminalization. He knew that the negative stigma surrounding magic mushrooms prevented many people from exploring their potential benefits.

Andrew started the shroomed podcast, where he interviews experts and shares his experiences with psychedelics. The podcast has become hugely popular, with a community of over 15k on Facebooks.

Through and his advocacy work, Andrew has become a leading figure in the world of mushrooms. He's also been able to incorporate his love of mushrooms into his work life. has partnered with leading mushroom brands to offer the highest quality products to their customers.

Thanks to his journey with mushrooms, Andrew has found a new sense of purpose and fulfillment. He hopes to continue breaking down barriers and helping others discover the incredible benefits of magic mushrooms. 


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Q: Are your mushrooms psychedelic?

A: No, our mushrooms are not psychedelic and can be shipped anywhere.