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What are Functional Mushrooms Good For? Shroomed

For many years, functional mushrooms have been used in Eastern asian medicine for benefits beyond their nutrients, but recently have they been recognized in the West for their health benefits. Due to this, more scientific research is needed to confirm the effects of functional mushrooms on human health, but we can rely primarily on animal studies, a tradition of use, and personal experiences to prove their effectiveness while more studies are being completed. Functional Mushrooms gained attention recently with the Mushroom Boom. Why are they good for me? And what are Functional Mushrooms good for? 


Functional Mushrooms are accepted as immune system boosting foods, and may offer benefits beyond basic nutrition including physical and immune health, cognitive health, and regulating the effects of stress on the body. These super mushrooms also have the potential to support energy levels and aid digestion. Some mushrooms are widely available and can be easily prepared as a food, like Shiitake, while other less accessible ones are available as powders or extracts, smoothie powders or pills. You can also have your mushroom and coffee intake all in one. Whatever form, incorporating functional mushrooms into your diet is something to consider for nutritional benefits alone; as they are packed powerfully with essential vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, betaglucans, antioxidants, amino acids, and probiotics to support a well rounded diet. 


 Shroomed has been researching Functional Mushrooms for the last few years. He has used all mushrooms to help in his sobriety from Alcohol. 

Why do I take Magic Mushrooms and Psychedelics for my alcohol sobriety? Because it works for me and it helps me question my actions and rethink every decision I make. Does this work for everyone? Maybe not, but if you have tried everything. Why not try psychedelics?


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